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My name is Anthony, I'm 25, and I am still an angry young man. By angry I mean I am indignant towards being silent. Like the song says, "silence can be violence sort of like a slit wrist." I am using the Internet to break this silence. This site is hopefully accomplishing several objectives:

To act as a gathering place for information regarding philosophy, religion, spirituality, and other issues pertaining to the state of modern cultural phenomenon...

To serve as a place where myself and any other willing individuals can rant and rave about our global society...

Here's to the power of the word!

NOTE: Some have said that this site is "rudimentary" or even worse. It's one of those pages that you can find floating in Cyberspace with not too much "flash" to it. Paradigm Shifts isn't that glamorous. This page serves several personal purposes. First, it gives me an outlet for my thoughts, and I hope it will serve as such for others. Second, it allows me to practice my HTML skills. Through this site, perhaps I can do my part to prove that the message can transcend the medium, that the CONTENTS of a site can make it flashy. And I want to support the free things in the Internet, like free Web sites, so that they don't go the way of the carrier pidgeon...

I'd also like to address a recurring debate on the Forum regarding my site and myself (see the Webmaster's Editorial in the site's What's New section for some background on this debate). I want to say that I never said I was explaining humanity or our motivations. I never claimed that I and I alone understand humanity, or that I am some paragon of enlightenment. But I think that's what some might assume that I was trying to do with this site.

If you have that interpritation, I'm sorry. That's not my intention. I don't claim to be an "authority" on human behavior or philosophy or whatever. The things I write on this site are my opinion. I will never attempt to tell you that my way of seeing things, my philosophy regarding things, is the only way of doing things. What I am doing is attempting to share with you my thoughts, my perceptions of the world, and asking you to be consider the possibilties that I offer up for your perusal. And I will do the same for you.

What will come from this sharing of ideas? Who knows? Maybe we'll grow to be better listeners, more tolerant of the thoughts of others.

I believe we can "explore" the human mind by interacting with other humans. By thinking and discussing, humans (the "social animals") can share ideas and connect and keep society going.

This is the way I see it: Humanity gives rise to civilization. The human race is made up of countless individuals. The interaction of these individuals creates society. Society changes as we change. Things are always changing. I don't think I need "authority" to discuss "human consciousness" or any other topic. By "human consciousness" I mean our self-awareness, that which makes us more than animal.

So the people that might call me or other people interested in social philosophy (or perhaps philosophy in general) "pompous", "pretentious", etc. are perhaps not thinking before they label. Or they purposefully want to antagonize me. Well, from my experiences, perhaps both possibilities are true, but who knows? All I do know is that I came humbly to create this site. I hope that you can trust me when I say that. Believe me, I know that the Internet, by it's very nature, can be a great medium for the creation of deception. But it is also a great medium for honestly and openly connecting with other people, other minds. Again, I hope that you trust me when I say I'm striving for the latter.



P.S. Check out THE ICONOCLAST. It is a literary magazine I helped found in 1996 while at Rutgers University. This is our site. It is maintained by my buddy Bruce. We always take submissions...get the hint?

And so it came to pass...
In 1993-1994, I was a senior at a typical white suburban high school. However, I was fortunate enough to take a class that was rather progressive. The teacher of that class, to whom I am forever indebted, introduced me to a book that started me on my own quest for wisdom in this life. That book, The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra, is the inspiration for this site and my philosophical searchings. The title of this site comes from that work. It is recommended reading. So what are you waiting for?

Those who stand beside...
To Rachael for her love and for making life anything but D-Man for his fraternal instincts and James Vincent for his surprising Pat for a place to live for two interesting years, and his persistance on the path of Jay for his perpetual "Devil" Dan for his love of the Bruce for his kindred Matt W. for his warrior Maryam for just being so damned cool...

...and to "Saint" John Hathaway for many things, but especially for always reminding me of the freedom of living on one's own terms. Thanks, John. You are missed.

...and to everyone else who has ever added something to my life: thanks.


"Make a move and plead the fifth 'cause ya can't plead the first" -RATM